Oh and by the way…

A curious set of tidbits came to my attention this morning.

With the academic year ending, an article offered some important tips for upcoming job interviews. It felt some guidance and advice was necessary for people entering the image and retail sector.

For starters. Don’t wear sunglasses on your head during the interview. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, short shorts don’t always impress an employer. Searching out and prominently displaying a large logo on your clothing isn’t always a sign of skill and personality.

Equally important is the attention to detail, so avoid chipped and badly bitten nails and a streaked orange fake tan. Not to mention wearing worn out sneakers, dirty shoes and noisy bangles, it won’t help your prospects.

And finally, remember to show up, and preferably on time. This last one could hamper your chances.

Hello, did I fall asleep and miss something?

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