Postal Rates – letters are more expensive than out of season grapes.

I don’t know what led me to do this, mostly a suggestion on ‘A World of Snailmail’; but I’ve always wondered a little bit about what people around the world pay for postage compared to here in Canada.

When I saw that someone was paying 5 Rupees for Local and 25 Rupees for International letters in India and in Canada it’s closer to 40 and 120 Rupees for the same, it makes me wonder about a number of things. And that’s good.

There is something that has puzzled me over the years, and to which I have never heard a good answer. I can buy 450g of grapes this week for 2.50 Canadian dollars. This price includes the cost of growing, harvesting, packaging and shipping them 8,000km (roughly 6,000 miles), getting them to the store, stocking, advertising and selling them.

And yet if I were to write on a piece of paper, fold it in half and put it in an envelope, it would cost me the same to mail it anywhere outside the country. Even though it weighs less than 20g.

Anyway,  here’s an overview of what we are currently paying in CANADA in January 2016.

Domestic Rates

for letters less than 30g     .85 CAD   .56 Euro   .61 USD
for letters 30 – 50g   1.20 CAD   .78 Euro   .86 USD

to the United States

for letters less than 30g   1.20 CAD     .78 Euro     .86 USD
for letters 30 – 50g   1.80 CAD   1.18 Euro   1.28 USD


for letters less than 30g   2.50 CAD   1.63 Euro   1.78 USD
for letters 30 – 50g   3.60 CAD   2.35 Euro   2.55 USD

Below is a breakdown of what our rates here convert to in several other countries. I mostly chose places I recieve and send mail to regularly just to compare. Although it’s a bit much, personally I found it kind of interesting. (note: the two prices are for letters up to 30g and letters 30-50g)

Country                  Domestic
                        US             International
Australian Dollar       .85          1.20      1.20           1.80      2.51             3.62
Brazilian Real     2.45          3.46      3.46          5.20      7.21           10.38
Chinese Yuan     3.98          5.62      5.63          8.43     11.71           16.86
Indian Rupee   41.00        58.00    58.00        87.00   121.00         174.00
South Korean Won 730.00     1031.00 1031.00     1546.00 2147.00     3091.00
Malaysian Ringgit     2.50         3.54      3.54           5.31       7.38         10.62
Phillippine Peso   20.00        41.00    41.00         61.00     85.00       122.00
Russian Ruble   46.00       65.00    65.00        97.00    135.00       195.00
Singapore Dollar       .86          1.22      1.22            1.83       2.54           3.65

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