incowrimo 2016 address list

Last year, when I first encountered Incowrimo in January 2015, I was worried about who I could write. I certainly couldn’t think of 28 addresses and the whole thing seemed a little bit much.

Oddly enough it turned out not to be a problem. There was this page where 29 people claimed they’d love to get my letters.  Great I thought, this makes it easy.

Below there seemed to be others who said they were happy to get my letters too. ( 1,176 comments )

In addition were plenty of addresses tucked firmly in the middle of comments, and in the replies to those comments, and the comments on the replies.

Daily I grew to love this page, and a year later I’m happy so see it continues to grow. For a month I checked it faithfully every morning and often checking again in later in the afternoon.

There was always lots of cheerful encouragement, banter and suggestions. And some interesting postal problems solved.

I looked forward to finding new contacts, copying down the addresses and sending out a letter. The result that many of them now are friends.

The context is helpful and useful, especially in writing to someone you don’t know.  But now I’m longing for a single page where I can easily cross check and update my address book as new entries continue to arrive.

As the comment page has grown longer, I find the addresses harder to track and manage, and I’m supposing I’m not alone. I keep hoping this dreamed up page will appear. But it’s looking more sensible to do it myself.

Before I recklessly plow on, I’ve put together a survey I hope you’ll take.

Based on the interest and results, I believe an “Incowrimo 2016 list of people who would like to receive your correspondence” could materialize with your go-ahead and help.

The link below opens in a new page,  I’ll post the results here very soon.


< Incowrimo 2016 address survey >




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