Incowrimo – feb 16 part 2


If you’re Canadianfrom Winnipeg, Edmonton or anywhere outside of the GTA; a sight like this isn’t going to be special or even something to write home about. **

It means that although I did get to stick some new pins in the map; I didn’t get take as much time to write.

I grew up in what is known as a snow belt, so this snow isn’t a shocker by any means. But for people living in places like Singapore, Quezon City and Delray Beach this would be the picture to represent at least a couple of hundred words.

People have asked about winter, what it’s like and the snow, so I thought I would take time to share a brief post.

For the most part, winter can be like this. Large storm systems blowing in much like thunder or tropical storms. Today it began in the morning and this picture was taken at the end of the afternoon.  About 35cm fell by then (about 14″) and as it’s wrapping up to be a total of 50cm (or 19.5″) by the time it’s over tonight.

What this means is that in order to go to work, or even the store, you have consider that you have to shovel out. The car you parked outside work this morning, yes you’ll have to shovel it too because this is most likely what it’ll look like.  You never get used to it, you wont like it and it’s not something you ever look forward too. Especially if it’s bitterly cold. And dark.

In fact we’ve been pretty lucky today in that it’s been a very cold week. We woke up on Saturday to see our thermometer at -40C the magic number where farenheit and celsius meet. Cold weather like this is generally dry and makes the snow light and fluffy. Closer to freezing, it becomes waterlogged and heavy; weighs a ton and is real hard to move. The bright side is these storms rarely last long and the snowfall will end by tonite. That leaves only a relatively light shovelling tommorrow.

If you can imagine, there are winters and places in Canada that can get nearly this much snow every day. Say maybe 30cm (about 12″) for several days in a row. And occasionally this will go on for a week or two. It’s unusual for it to snow like this for more than three or four days a couple of times during the winter and would only be considered unusually heavy if a bunch of these storms followed one another for the better part of a month. One or two storms do not a bad winter make.

Lately the media in search of attention has made a great deal out of these storms. The fact is that municipalities in this country have relinquished their desire to clear snow.

As far as I know, Montreal and many parts of Quebec are the only places that still take clearing roads seriously. In Ottawa, a city with a moderate snow, plowing may not even start on many roads until 10cm (4″) or more has accumulated or 10-16 hours AFTER the storm has started depending on which one is worse. This can be read both ways and is, and the majority of roadways may not be plowed for 24-36 hours. It’s a bit of a disgrace, but makes great news. And everyone has something to twitter about.

I hope one day to post pictures of a heavy winter, but for now this snapshot will do. Sorry for those who find this pedestrian and boring. I’ve only become aware through corresponding this past year just how much daily life we take for granted. And how it could be fascinating for someone else. Meanwhile I hope it’s more pins and letters tomorrow and the postbox will be filled.

And in case no one has mentioned it, snow clearing in Montreal should be on everyone’s bucket list.  After a storm it’s all done in 36 hours.With regular swipes every couple of weeks.

The link below for those who are interested, is a residential street close to where I used to live. Filmed just 3 weeks ago. Although it’s longish and I didn’t add the commentary (bad language alert) it is worth watching to the end. Especially if you’ve never seen this kind of thing.

** (note)  I’m not being unkind to people west of the Rockies. It’s already complicated to explain Canada’s regions. That we’re so big and really diverse. It isn’t personal, and I don’t pretend to ignore you, it’s just you’re so different and I know you’re big kids and able to speak for yourself.

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