Incowrimo – feb 26


There’s only a couple of days left and already a couple of letters have come back. Yes come back :(  So far this has been a rare occurance for me. Letters soaked and unreadable, lost and shredded in transit yes. But returned to sender without even leaving the country is more than disappointing. The really frustrating part is that I reposted them at the local letterbox and they were returned the very next day. The postal carrier refused to pick them up to be delivered, only one of them had any signs of the stamps being cancelled.

I don’t know why and am slightly disturbed. To make sending out mail easier this year I made up a whole batch of these and guess that I’ve sent out at least 25 or more by now. Some I know have arrived, but after 9 days of circulating without leaving the country these two came back at my expense. I hope they are the only ones.




One thought on “Incowrimo – feb 26

  1. How wonderful to find your blog, via your comment in a recent post over on Wonderpens.

    I read so many blogs, and so much content by Americans — I mean, USAers — so it’s a pleasure to find one by a Canadian.

    This was my first year doing InCoWriMo — which I was calling InCorWriMo, or “A Month of Letters” — and I had to scramble to find people to write to. So I added in sending some fan mail and thank you notes, and ended up sending out 39 notes. None have come back to me; as far as I know, only one (to Tasmania) has not been received.

    Loved the video of snow removal in Montreal. I lived there some years back for 1 winter; as I recall it was a back year for ice storms.


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