foto friday – an outing in Paris

Obviously there are plenty of things you can do for an outing in Paris. You could shop for t-shirts and sunglasses near rue St. Jacques or spend half the day lining up at any number of not to be missed monuments and symbols – from the Dan Brown glass thing to the tour Eiffel. Or there’s the real place where they made the Disney movie about the hunchbacked bell-ringer and his struggle to gain Esmeralda’s love. ( with the sing-a-long Topsy Turvy and A Guy Like You)

Or you could just head over to 28 rue Cler and check out the seafood at La Sablaise.

(for Ching)

J ni np n


Notre dame

Ch od h

fēicháng dà há

P ngxi


P ngxi h g l

pángxiè hé gélí

Bulots cuit maison

bulot cuit maison

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