picture tuesday – those clever blue jays



“the name SoCo mimics the district names of Soho in New York City and Soho in the West End of London”.

It’s fitting that the home of the Toronto Blue Jays was one of the first roosts to establish itself in the district South of the Business Core (SoCo). In an era when the city was obsessed with being ‘world class’; this noisy, bold and aggressive bird capable of mimicking powerful birds of prey, established itself as a symbol of the city and the area soon to be developed.

It’s habit of sitting hidden in a tree and advertising itself by screeching like a red-tailed hawk enables it to scatter the smaller songbirds from feeding stations in order to swoop in and have everything for itself. And like similar developers found throughout eastern United States and southern Canada, blue jays will not hesitate to mob and chase other birds in their territory in addition to raiding their nests.

Colourful and intelligent, Jays are also symbols of the dandy and the greenhorn. A person who cares too much about their clothing and personal appearance and a naive and inexperienced newcomer. Giving rise to the term Jay-walking, an epithet used in an aggressive campaign of labelling and scorning individuals that allowed modernizers to redefine streets as places where pedestrians do not belong. All in all a fitting emblem.









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