foto friday – conventions






There are certain places where you can mount your camera on a tripod, open the shutter, spin it around, and you’re bound to get a good picture.

Actually it’s a little more complicated than that, but case in point, the convention centre in Toronto was definitely one of the early anchors in the new developing core to the south of downtown.

When it was completed in 1984 it signalled the arrival of cargo cult culture in Canada and established Toronto firmly at its centre. Whether joining the trickle down/floats all boats ideology of the Thatcher-Reagan era or trashing history to make room for Fukuyama, we would embrace it all. Whatever washed up on our shores was fine by us.

The nifty practice of parcel-by-parcel development allowed this area to become an exciting innovation zone and a vibrant public environment with an aspirational, enviable pulse engaged in the urgent transformational undertaking of creating a neighbourhood where people live and work in the same place.

Of course there are the exciting investment opportunities too  ..Jus sayin’.


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