foto friday – holding on to detail

Mt. Chapin – 3795m, CO

There are few harder situations than shooting at high altitudes in bright sunlight with lots of haze. Sticking with the ‘black box with a hole in it’ approach;  getting an image that represents both how you both and how you experience a vista is incredibly difficult.

It’s even more difficult when you don’t resort to intense filtering, gadgetry or massive post-processing manipulation which is when a document can start to stray.

It’s also why I have come to appreciate ( almost worship ) those photographers of the 19th century who ventured into the mountains with cumbersome equipment and an intent and understanding of how they might get it in ‘one shot’.

And too, to those photographers like Ansel Adams who spent a lifetime struggling with technicality in order to capture, partly through process, the grandeur and complexity of life.

towards Estes Park, CO


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