foto friday – creative risk

Colorado National Monument, CO

Faced with an exuberant world blasted by light – coming to grips with the complexities of how colour is absorbed and reflected – involves a great deal of creative risk. Especially at the processing stage where it’s often beyond our verbal understanding. The conversation between luminance and shadow that starts precisely where words will fail you.

The heat of the day blending into the quality and strength of the wind on your back. The texture of the sagebrush mixing deeply into its fragrance as you crush and roll it between forefinger and thumb before bringing to your nose to smell.

Knowing the dryness of the brush you’ve driven beside is the same as the twigs that are gently snapping beneath your step. The traction your foot has against the rock helps you understand what it might be like to walk in the distance.

The dry sound of sliding pebbles remind you how close you are to the edge. Birds wheeling in the air make certain you don’t forget your lack of flight.

You’ve travelled through the towns out there on the horizon. You know what a torrent of water would looks like crashing down these gulches. You search for meaning in what you see.

And the image you’re looking for is always in the corner of your eye. A fleeting shadow that doesn’t yet exist. The picture that will say all this and more. You bring everything you are to every shot and hope that it’s enough.

Colorado National Monument, CO
Colorado National Monument, CO


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