picture tuesday – cedar waxwing


I gained a whole new respect for wildlife photographers today. While returning home I was about to go in the front door when I noticed a flurry of activity in the Linden tree in our front yard. Looking up into the branches I noticed a small flock of a dozen or so Cedar Waxwings darting in and out of the foliage.

I’ve only once ever had a flock of these birds in our yard when they came to clean out a hedge full of Firethorn berries nearly twenty years ago. It was late winter, grey, snow still on the ground, and foggy. They swooped in from nowhere and disappeared later that morning never to be seen again.

As a kid, my favorite bird was always the Baltimore Oriole which you could still see often enough in the summer, but once I saw this bird I was struck. The subtlety of color and shading made me feel as if I had stepped into a Hokusai print. The world of memory, art and experience collapsing together into one moment.

In fact, looking at them in the tree, I wanted to return to the study of printmaking just so I could do these birds justice. And while I struggled with my camera, my thoughts and congratulations went out to all of those incredible photographers who have spent years of dedication and patience to bring so many wonderful images of creatures, birds in particular, to our hearts. Thanks!  My hat is off to you all.


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