“if you don’t know where to start with sustainable development, start with women and girls, everything else will fall into place” Phumzile Mlambo~Ngcuka

While there are a great number of structural changes going on in the world at the moment, one thing has been consistently overlooked.  How do we come to terms with a global community that will not go away just because we wish it would; and how do we make it work in a stable and lasting way.

There has been trainloads of policy papers and books written on the issue. Bombs have been planted and fallen, bullets fired in protest and anger. Mobs have tried to force their hands and authorities have responded with plenty of covert and overt violence.

Institutions have been built on trying to get rich with solutions and interlopers have tried in turn to enrich themselves.

Meanwhile, a commonality of purpose and respect for one another has been constantly evaded. In it’s place we’ve had centuries of violence while trying desperately to forge a fantasy called ‘the new world’.

Maybe it’s time we step back and accept the world as it is. Maybe for once, we could return to addressing the realities of our situation with honesty, humility and compassion.

Individually we could ask whether we are being helpful to ourselves and those around us in the best possible way? Maybe ask for some guidance from a power not of our making?

These are the big questions in life that need answers; and the article I’ve cited above goes a long way towards a response.

Most problems in life are simple and are resolved when we lose focus on just ourselves. As humans we are gifted in this way,and it’s time we reached out and used it in our daily lives.

Maybe we could start by taking a look at the article above and maybe even bookmark it in our heart. We could return to it when we get lost and use it as a signpost to guide us in our lives?

click here for article on sustainable development goals in pictures

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