2 thoughts on “foto friday – rain over jelm mtn.

  1. I just re-read the whole piece. I don't think Jon was saying everyone in haordrcewas a trust fund baby, just that was part of the Cambridge experience he saw and that the whole scene and city were influenced by a political and economic dynamic that was true then and is true now. Anyone who thinks punk wasn't – overall in the US, not every person – an educated middle class pursuit doesn't know their history. Rebellion is a luxury.


    1. Wow! glad to have been an inspiration – although I still know quite a number of people who were very involved in the punk scene in 1970’s america and forward – and still consider themselves part of it today. Non of them could be even vaguely considered part of the middle-class then and were harbingers of what was waiting at the bottom of the massive cliff that the middle-class would be shoved over in the ensuing years. Margaret Thatcher was a monster and so was Ronald Reagan. Make no bones about it, punk was a rebellion. And rebellion is born of necessity.


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