picture tuesday – orgue cavaillé-coll de la ste-clotilde de paris

It really hit me today how indebted we are to the past. How much we owe to the strange bits of fate that have shaped our personal experience and contributed to the things we appreciate and do today. I realize this isn’t a post of my pictures but an attempt to choose a good frame.

*Orgue Cavaille-Colle Ste-Clotilde

One of the remarkable pleasures of Paris is the ability to take in a good organ recital. What started as an accidental attempt to get out of the rain turned into my regular attendance at free recitals at the Basilique Sainte-Clotilde whenever I was in Paris.

It wasn’t really my thing at the time, but by showing up with an open mind I was introduced to a much deeper understanding of the architecture, painting and the scuplture of a period when organs ruled the world. Pushing only vast columns of air, these ornately sculptured technologies were probably the only instrument capable of matching the majesty of their time.

Listening to this human artifact is able to transcend our physical selves and place us fully  and directly into the realm of human aspiration. To my mind there is nothing that can honestly compare with the very human experience of sitting in place a place of worship and fully experiencing the sound and smell and light.

I’m going to recommend that you not skip the following little concert and you’ll have an inkling of what I mean. If you have a good set of headphones or way of hearing the sound, it’s worth the effort. As well as watching it full screen.

I realize that this isn’t Ste-Clotilde nor even French. Nor even technologically up to HD blogpost snuff. The point is that we are heavily sponsored by the past and it’s the support of our rich heritage that we seem to count the least.

For a long time as an artist I worried about not having a patron or even audience to support my work. It’s only been recently that I realized how much I’m being sponsored by the past. I feel we all are to a great extent. And it’s time to acknowledge this profoundly rich support. We have been handed immense possibility and been asked to put it to use.

* not knowing I would be writing this years later, the photo belongs to Patrimoine-Histoire France


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