they call it snowy monday…

While it’s not really the first snow of the year, it seems our increasingly online existence is taking it’s toll. Especially when it comes to dealing with real time events like snow. Even the city of Montréal has succumbed to the “melting is part of our snow removal policy” much to the chagrin of several people on the receiving end. This time though, everybody getts involved as you can see below.

Certainly won’t be the last time, and won’t change bureaucratic minds interested in garnering publicity value. Otherwise it’s been a beautiful day and I can’t wait to share what I found tomorrow.

One thought on “they call it snowy monday…

  1. Thankfully, it looks like everyone was driving cautiously, and apparently there were no injuries. I was once the first EMS person on the scene of a “Black Ice” multi-trauma in (rural) New York, where caution was not in the rather ugly picture.


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