foto friday – update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the real world. I decided about a month ago that it was time to have a real computer to deal with my photographs now that digital is  apparently here to stay.

I decided to build it from the ground up. This way I could be sure it had the combination of hardware that I wanted without it being a massive compromise. This will be the first computer I’ve owned that hasn’t come from an electronics recycling bin, the side of the road, or cost more than $200 from the store. An exciting prospect to be sure.

Unsurprisingly, computers have become a primary tool for photographers. As important as good meters, reliable batteries and excellent studio lighting.      I’m looking forward to life in 2017.




7 thoughts on “foto friday – update

  1. Looks waaaaay too complicated for me. What will final cost be compared to store bought models? Just curious.


      1. Fedora25 is happily installed and running like a charm! After 17 years of Linux, I still haven’t been shown a good reason to change :)
        There is a problem with Windows, Nvidia, and signed certificates that has to be solved but they have refused to play well with others over the years and weren’t invited to the party anyway.


    1. But I love the smell of sulfur dioxide and acetic acid at two in the morning (not). Not to mention how it made your fingers crinkle and shrivel up :P


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