monday update: – away, away

Just a short update and a link to set the scene as I leave town for a week away.

The past spring has taken it’s toll and we’re not into summer yet. Our house is dry and a ten minute bicycle ride from the river but the impact of this years runoff from the roughly 150,000 square kilometre basin that drains into the 1,100 kilometres of river has been a nasty surprise to all those who believe we can profit from and manage our risks.

With a solid week of heavy rain, the mood is pretty somber. And it’s not a joke to say that I’m looking forward to greener pastures.


3 thoughts on “monday update: – away, away

    1. Hope my post today will explain a little. I have been taking pictures and on the road for 4 out of the last six weeks, and will be leaving again in three weeks for a further couple of weeks travel. Combined with a new 75lb six-month old puppy, two other dogs and the regular day to day — right now, life is a little like a boulder rolling down hill in a wonderfully picturesque landscape; it sort of has it’s own momentum. In due course, I know it will come to rest in some beautiful dale.


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