picture tuesday – rubble, stumps and thickets

“Most people can find the beauty of a garden self-evident and breathtaking.  How many look at the heap of plucked weeds; the rubble and stumps of areas being cleared?  How many look at the fallow-fields or the storm wrecked fallen tree?  How many look at the hedges and dense thickets that have been left to grow as they will?  These areas are no less beautiful than the tenderly cultivated flower bed simply because they are not accomplished in the glory of perfection.  Rather, they are perfect in the glory of possibility.  In them is a single basic lesson: that the earth is constantly fecund; that earth takes back anything, no matter what it is; that earth is the receiving ground for every aspect of nature and human life.” Deng Ming-Dao





The past number of months have been a perfect storm of events. Like massive black storm clouds that tear across prairie and open water; recent experiences, changes and travels have flung me far from my comfortable daily beaten path. With the rumble of thunder receding towards the horizon; I have begun to pick my way across the rain drenched landscape back to the regular postings and commentary on this blog.

There is something spectacular in looking at the world afresh after a tumultuous storm and it continues to occupy much of my attention. The wet scraps of dirt and grass  still cling to my bare feet as they slap through puddles, mud squishing up between my toes.

Sodden clothes have not begun to dry in the revived heat of the sun. The air still thickly humid and damp.

Droplets sparkle on gossamer filaments dangling between leafy twigs. Insects begin to show themselves and resume their march across branch and stalk.

There is still much to take in and sort before returning to my own bi-weekly posts. But in the interim I would like to share a series of lectures that have forcefully diverted my attention and occupied a sizable part of my attention and thoughts.

The hope being of course, that in the sharing there rests a a common road to traverse and a conversation to join in at the next settlement along the road of life.

My heartfelt thanks to those who have continued to check in, and until I return full time in September I hope the combination of posts I do manage to make and the links I will post one at a time will help to bridge the span of time.

1. Reality and the sacred


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