wednesday listen up


There’s a lot to say about Junior Brown, but there’s even more to say about what he’s doin’. Most people have no idea how deeply American music is intertwined with the rich and complex sensibilities of often obscure and exceedingly talented musical giants.

Musicians who crossed what we’d call hard and fast musical borders in order to be the best.  Earl Palmer, Buck Owens, Jack Teagarden, Woody Herman, John McLaughlin, Joey DeFrancesco.

Combining acadian creole, country swing, latin rythms, jubilation choirs and lowdown blues. Never far from dance and never far from celebration and always filled with a capacity to change our personal world for the best. My hat goes off to the traditions and roots that have built a vast and wonderful musical culture.

And in hopes of removing some of the constraints that keep us listening almost exclusively to the products of a ‘musical industry’,  I’d like to open the doors a crack every Wednesday, to shed some light on the individual musical passions that have underpinned our sensibilities and continue to carry us forward. Like Junior Brown for instance.

*  note:      If you’re using a portable device to view this I’d suggest a good set of headphones or stereo speakers would be very  beneficial. Just sayin’.

One thought on “wednesday listen up

  1. so,made the coffee,emptied the oven of pots and pan storage to prepare for the spiral ham,retrieved the newspaper from the front door knob and then finally I was ready to listen to JUNIOR BROWN. A holiday treat…..ear candy…a welcome respite from X–mas music.
    Just sayin’.


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