foto-friday-sketches: on saturday



A couple of sketches from a day long trek in the woods this week.

The snow is finally deep enough to get out the snowshoes. Breaking trail on a path is mostly OK but you’re quickly knee deep the second you step off to explore.

The wind has scattered seeds galore across the open white. There are signs of winter deer and the tiny feet of field mice accompanying mine as we traipse about the landscape. The birds seem to have mostly disappeared but it could have been my ears.

We lost most of this whiteness over the course of a couple of hours yesterday in our annual January thaw. A burst of warm damp air swelling up from the Gulf of Mexico and desperately pushing the leading edge of cold back towards the north.

It never lasts long, the temperatures plummeting back down to -15°C from a high of +13°C earlier in the day. It is truly surprising to watch a change of nearly 30°C  between breakfast and supper.

Temperature is a funny thing. Relative it seems to our spirit, sunshine and the amount of dampness in the air.

At any rate, we’re back into winter and the increasing amount of light says that spring is just around the corner. Cheers et à bientôt !




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