man:                      “Wonderful. Thanks, it’s good to know. I’ve been watering my yard like this for fifty years”. How long did you say you’ve been at this”?

younger man:      “I’ve got degrees in hydroinformatics and modelling. It took a couple of years”

man:                       “And you’re saying I can’t water my yard”.

younger man:      “That’s right. It’s a well known fact that it’s bad for the plants”.

man:                       “Plants don’t need water”?

younger man:     “No, that’s not what I’m saying”.

man:                      “Okay..”

younger man:     “Today, even a two year old could tell you that watering in the day when it’s this hot is bad”.

man:                      “And on Monday’s”

younger man:     “And on Monday’s”.

younger man:     “Monday’s a different reason though”.

man:                      “The thing I’m still interested in is how long you’ve been working for the city. Since you graduated. Since you stopped studying”.

younger man:     “Since I graduated?  Um .. almost four years now”.

man:                      “So you finished your studies four years ago”.

younger man:     “Yah. I’m done my studies and now I have this job”.

man:                      “Well, how come I can’t water”?

younger man:     “Well you could actually. You could get a licensed contractor to do it.  You just have to give them a call and set something up”.

man:                      “A Contractor”?

younger man:     “A lawn care company. You know, trained professionals. They drive around in pick up trucks with little trailers on the back. You’ve probably seen them in the neighbourhood from time to time. There’s a couple of ones we work with that do most properties. They’re not hard to find. They’re like licensed practitioners and if they take on your yard, they can water any time they want. They have expertise”.

man:                       “I see”.

younger man:     “Meanwhile you’ll have to stop watering your yard until you get that sorted out”

man:                      “The plants don’t like it”?

younger man:     “Yah. (pause) Okay so we’re on track here, that’s good . I’m glad we could have this little talk. You have yourself a nice day now”.  (exeunt)



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