Otrain – Ottawa





Just a Short Note: To all of you who have been following over the years. Thank you!

It has been an extremely difficult year and I appreciate everyone’s patience. I have sorely missed my work here and on the Incowrimo page. I have til the end of the month to find a suitable place to live longer term and hopefully re-obtain a permanent address which will allow me access to municipal and regional services.

There is a great deal to fill in.  All in good time.  Thanks again to everyone.



4 thoughts on “Otrain – Ottawa

  1. So wonderful to see you surface alive and moving forward, eager to resume your beloved activities. I know I will sleep a little sounder tonight. As always, thanks for your hand in friendship.


    1. Thanks so much, your comments are greatly appreciated. Not quite on the tarmac yet, but it’s like flying home and already seeing the neighbors swimming pools in the place you live.. the plane has lined up with the runway and the little motors that crank the flaps down do their dizzying little whine and the sound of the engine shifts. You swear they’ve pumped up the volume on the air nozzle aimed just below the bridge of your nose – so your eyes don’t twitch : ) Well yes, thanks. It’s great to ‘be back’ so to speak. Cheers.


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