Mellie’s Pedagogy Project –

So here’s some of our top-drawer offerings.

We managed to get these babies into the 2020 curriculumm and now, we’re winning prizes up there with the rest of them.

No more ‘MisterNiceGuy’. The whole line under that campaign. Ya gone. Had to use Covid but hey, we’re definitely back up and running. I mean just look at Melly’s Gold Prize she one with our help.

She got a lot of coupons out of that deal.

Saved her from a life Upside-DownWiggling. It’s 24/7 while she ate slept and chatted online with her friends and managed to rake in nearly $5,000 bucks in one week. Not bad for a 13 year old. It’s gotta suck though. Your gonna have to dread going into business with them when they grow up. Shit I’d take the Yakuza. Yah, there’s a whole channel on it on the OnlyYou-TubeChannel Network. The one with the funny corn chip ad ya. Cool, awesome.. look we gotta go. Bye


Melly’s Cool Science Fair Gold Prize 2023

3 Amazing facts I learned on google about…

“What makes dogs do those crazy things that make you love them and then you never knew!!”


1. Why do dogs always look up at you and smile and there face relaxes when you are scratching behind their ears?
Give up? It’s because you are scratching behind there ears!!

2. Why do dogs always lick their butt?
Give up? It’s because they – like it!!

3. Why do dogs always fart if they’re some type and snore if they’re another??? And this is a hard one..
Give up? Because their are some kind of dogs who fart and there’s other one’s are the kind that snore.!!! Easy eh! You could do it I bet.

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