4 thoughts on “Unexplained mystery..

    1. it’s a sad story. he took her car. the knitting was in it. she will never see her car again ..he’s in way over his head. he has no idea what that knitting means to her. someone has promised to take it back to her. we pray all goes well for everyone. mercury is in retrograde and it’s the season of hungry ghosts. the moon is full tomorrow. a powerful yang chrysanthemum moon. the leaves came off the trees. the temperature plummeted during the night. nobody stood a chance. and yet. no one was seriously hurt. physically anyways. none of the lives will ever be the same after this. the second car. yah. their lives are changed forever.

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    1. It was a dark and stormy nite. The car lay upended in the ditch. Headlights facing into the sky. By the time it was over only a single shiny black spring, a few bits of strut assembly and a shit ton of gouged up embankment. No one was seriously hurt but there were several troubling loose ends that didn’t explain anything. Including the bright purple knitting laying in the middle of the backyard lawn.


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