sovereign soil..

..a film by David Curtis, National Film Board of Canada 2019

It’s rather rare that I recommend good films to people anymore.

Like poetry and pictures, important films arrive often unexpectedly as simply another piece of un-asked-for entertainment clutter in our already messy lives.

However, every once and a while, something incredibly special comes along.

I’ve mentioned my profound passion for life on the edge of the Boreal Forest. Stretching from Alaska to Newfoundland, our entire country and it’s inhabitants have huddled alongside this wilderness  since the end of the fourteen hundreds.

Nearly five hundred years and the premis is still the same.

Every aspect of this film appears relentlessly familiar to me. The intensity of the wild. The incessant press of the weather. The trials and vibrant joy of being alive.

If you have ever wondered? I’d suggest you take a look.


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