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  1. We could have used the extra candle last night when we lost power here in Mill Valley for a while – reminds me of Kubrick filming a scene in Barry Lyndon completely by candlelight. Groundbreaking at the time!


    1. It’s funny but that film has been on my mind for about a week now. Precisely because of that scene and the fact the entire film was shot in only natural light at his insistence. I watched it when it came out, and went back two days later just to look at the lighting. Both times slack-jawed in amazement. Nothing like thathad been done in thirty-five years. And he had the advantage of new colour film technology with unbelievably high fil speeds. Putting a number eighty blue filter on all the lights and calling it midnight just wasn’t his style, lol.

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  2. I could have used that lovely candle 🕯 last night when the power went out here for a while. Barry Lyndon, the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick has that lovely scene illuminated solely by candlelight – groundbreaking at the time!


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