why we can’t have nice things..

“we have met the enemy and he is us” ..Pogo 1970

New Years Eve 2021 – Times Square, United States of America

900,000 of their own citizens dead and the biggest news out of america is miley cyrus battling a wardrobe malfunction.

We are in God’s hands now… there is no human power that can bail us out of this one. May you find protection, peace and goodwill in the coming year of twenty-twenty-two.

good workmanship

“We are going to have to see that, if we want our forests to last, then we must make wood products that last, for our forests are more threatened by shoddy workmanship than by clear-cutting or by fire. Good workmanship – that is, careful, considerate, and loving work – requires us to think considerately of the whole process, natural and cultural, involved in the making of wooden artifacts, because the good worker does not share the industrial contempt for ‘raw material’. The good worker loves the board before it becomes a table, loves the tree before it yields the board, loves the forest before it gives up the tree. The good worker understands that a badly made artifact is both an insult to its user and a danger to its source.”

– Wendell Berry, Home Economics