Equatorial rain..

Equitorial Rain

There is a phrase I grew up with. Just as I grew up in a nature like this. A phrase every person older than myself who had cause to weigh in. By way of war, or famine, or drought, or pestilence. The phrase they seemed to admire the most.

“The task at hand was completed to everyone’s satisfaction, with a great economy of means”

It would be printed like that in the more conservative papers. But it would still show up ib newsreels and announcers on all manner of radio and black and white TV.

They wouldn’t say anything. But they would look up and gaze. And smile. A little more relaxed for someone who had a lot to say.

You don’t see that alot anymore. It’s too bad. I miss it.


There was an era of fond memories for me that I experience in Kodachrome. There was no better rival to this day, the way it captured that golden hour light.

Better Homes & Gardens was always on the prowl for opportunities to get their photographers out there. They had geniuses, just like at Life. Geniuses who wanted to work. Their garden and architectual photography through the fifties and sixties have been my constant companions.

There is just something about light that is so hard to put your finger on.