Sometimes the less said the better.

dubFrontBigIt’s always wonderful to be confronted with jaw dropping talent. Especially when it comes at you straight out of the blue.

I was sent this link the other day and specifically asked to take some time for a well constructed song. To say I was impressed would be a serious understatement. What I heard and saw was definitely not on my map, but sure is now and I’d urge you to take a couple of minutes to watch this to the end and judge for yourself.   (thanks Simeon)

anton tang


Every once and a while it’s possible to come across a stroke of genius. Quiet, unassuming and with an astoundingly critical eye, Anton Tang has created a stunning and fascinating world in the streets of Singapore. With an ability to touch the deeply human experience with the simplest of constructions and gestures; he has certainly done much to make this world a better place for us all.



totally cray !! – (cause cray cray is dead)


Ok, so I am officially impressed!

Take a look at this video and start clamoring for one in your city too.

When I think of how much of our GDP is spent on traffic jams, motorized transport, paving and  structures that severely restrict and limit human mobility; any money spent intelligently on something else would be great. 17 seconds top to bottom. Safe, out of the elements, what are we waiting for  :P