some kind of wonderful..

There are alot of things that don’t impress me about the internet. The possibilities to create new ways of sharing isn’t one of them

Music has always been the larger part of my life. A constant companion that has played 10 hours a day for more than 50 years.

To the point. I am now able to share what I am currently listening to. And I’m pretty sure that it isn’t what you’d had in mind. I prefer a life filled with passion, wonder and surprise..

I encourage you to take a listen. There is little harm and much to be gained. Even if it’s just a great big grin.

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land art..

It was then I realized that I possessed the entire arsenal of Roman and Greek technology in my garage.

Replicas of the ancient tools that built roads and monuments that lasted for thousands of years.

Constantly honed in the hands of craftsmen. A slight change in bevel or alignment. A tender adjustment in curve or line to better fit the hand that holds it.

And then I knew.

I would never be seeking an auto-levelling/self-correcting micro-controlled and gps-driven AI device with advanced mimicry systems providing real time feedback and cleverly hidden smart technology in the monitoring systems – to do my driveway.

No.. I like my rake.