foto friday – winter nightfall

161215 snow lights kanata

There’s something very special that first really cold day of the year. When its minus 20 at the edge of nightfall and the light is fast slipping away. You stand with the wind at your back and still you feel the icy chill right through your clothes. The pale weak light of the afternoon gives way to an inky blackness and a swirl of snow and you begin to notice how fast the temperature’s dropping once again as it makes its way to minus 30.

161215 snow lights kanata02


picture tuesday – beyond the frost

Montreal, QC

There comes a point in the autumnal procession of colour where it’s no longer just a heavy frost upon the morning ground. The temperature has fallen overnight and stayed there well below zero. And when the sun comes up, things have changed. The world has suddenly taken on a new look and it’s certain the coming cycle of winter has begun.